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Diplopia (Double Vision) - What is double vision?

Diplopia (Double Vision)   What is double vision? Diplopia is a phenomenon in which one object appears as two or a shadow appears double. The phenomenon of seeing two objects when viewed with one eye is called monocular diplopia (monoocular diplopia). Diplopia caused by misalignment of the eyes is called binocular diplopia (binocular diplopia). In this case, the symptom of double vision disappears...

What does B.C, DIA, G.DIA mean?

[B.C (Base Curve)] B.C is an abbreviation for Base Curve and refers to the degree of curvature of contact lenses. The base curve of the eye is different for each person, and it is an important factor in the comfortable fit when wearing lenses. When wearing contact lenses that do not match the curvature of my eyes and the B.C., uncomfortable fit and...