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How to care your contact lenses properly

Wrong methods of the contact lenses care can shorten the period of use of lens and cause damage to the eyes.
EyeMellow will provides you how to care your contact lenses properly.

How to care your contact lenses properly

Preparation before handling contact lenses.

- Wear your contact lenses after soaking them in the multi-purpose solution for at least 6-8 hours. (It's best to soak them in solution overnight if possible.)
- Always clean your hands properly and dry them fully before handling with your contact lenses.

Check the condition of your contact lenses before wearing

- Before wearing your contact lenses, check if there is any dust or dirt and cleanse them with the solution.


- Check if the contact lens is turned inside out. What happens if your contact lenses are inside out?

How to Tell if Your Contact Lens Is Inside Out

How to wear the contact lenses

- Clean your hands properly, cleanse your contact lenses with multi-purpose solution and put your contact lenses on your index finger.
- Pull your lower eyelid down with your middle finger. With your opposite hand, pull your upper eyelid up.

How to wear the contact lenses

- Be careful not to blink, with your eyes wide open, put the contact lens in. Let the contact lens be put right on your eyeball without touching your eyelashes.
- Close your eyes lightly, move your eyeballs here and there so that the contact lens will be in the right place.

If you feel uncomfortable while wearing your contact lenses, immediately remove them from your eyes and follow the instruction below.

1. Check if your contact lenses are turned inside out.
2. Check if there is any dirt on your contact lens or if any of your contact lenses is ripped. (Do not wear if your contact lens is ripped.)
3. Clean your contact lenses well with multi-purpose solution before wearing them back.

How to remove contact lenses & how to care after wearing them

How to remove contact lenses & how to care after wearing them

- Check the location of the contact lenses through the mirror, and pull out the contact lens softly using the tip of your index finger.
- Clean the removed contact lenses softly using the multi-purpose solution.
- Clean the lens case and fill it with the new solution so that the contact lenses will be completely soaked. Change the solution every time you put your contact lenses back. (Never use saline solution or water when storing lenses)
- Changing the lens case every 3 months is recommended to prevent the reproduction of bacteria and contamination.

How to remove contact lenses & how to care after wearing them


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