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What does B.C, DIA, G.DIA mean?

BC - Base Curve

[B.C (Base Curve)]

B.C is an abbreviation for Base Curve and refers to the degree of curvature of contact lenses. The base curve of the eye is different for each person, and it is an important factor in the comfortable fit when wearing lenses.

When wearing contact lenses that do not match the curvature of my eyes and the B.C., uncomfortable fit and hula phenomenon may occur. For example, the curvature of my eye is 8.6, but when I wear a lens with a B.C of 8.4, the lens curvature is smaller than the curvature of the eye, so I feel pressure when wearing it, making it uncomfortable to wear. And if you wear an 8.8 lens, a space is created between the lens and the eye, and the lens cannot follow the movement of the eye well, causing the hula phenomenon. Knowing exactly the curvature of your eyes will be very helpful when purchasing new contact lenses. However, a difference of about 0.1 is usually not much different in wearing comfort.


DIA - Diameter

[DIA (Diameter)]

DIA is an abbreviation of Diameter and means the total diameter including all the transparent parts of the contact lens.
Most of the contact lenses have a diameter of around 14mm, and the smaller the number, the smaller the diameter of the lens.


G.DIA - Graphic Diameter

[G.DIA (Graphic Diameter)]

G.DIA is an abbreviation of Graphic Diameter, which means the graphic diameter size excluding the transparent part of the contact lens.
In other words, it means the size that the color develops when worn, and because the size of the pupils of each person is different, the preferred graphic diameter is also different.



Water content refers to the percentage of moisture that the contact lens itself holds. The water content of contact lens is generally higher for one-day lenses than for monthly lenses and silicone lenses have a higher water content than hema lenses. 

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