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Diplopia (Double Vision) - What is double vision?

Diplopia (Double Vision)


What is double vision?

Diplopia is a phenomenon in which one object appears as two or a shadow appears double. The phenomenon of seeing two objects when viewed with one eye is called monocular diplopia (monoocular diplopia). Diplopia caused by misalignment of the eyes is called binocular diplopia (binocular diplopia). In this case, the symptom of double vision disappears when one eye is closed. 

What is Double Vision(Diplopia) - Double Vision Test


Cause of double vision

Causes of unilateral diplopia include corneal damage, astigmatism, dislocation of the lens, cataracts, keratoconus, and pterygium. The eyeball is moved by the extraocular muscles. When one eye muscle is damaged, double vision occurs, in which the focus of the two eyes is different. Causes of binocular diplopia include inflammation and damage to the extraocular muscle, nerve paralysis, and myasthenia gravis.


Symptoms of double vision

A symptom of double vision is seeing one object as two. 

What is Double Vision(Diplopia) - Causes and Symptoms of Double Vision


Diagnosis of double vision / Double vision test

Diplopia can be diagnosed based on whether symptoms disappear when one eye is closed.

At this time, check whether the image of the object appears upside down, sideways, or looks tilted. By closely observing the movement of the eye, you can check which muscle is the problem, and perform a prism test to determine the degree of eye abnormality. 

In children, double vision should be suspected if the child frequently rubs his eyes, squints, or frequently tilts his head to one side. In the case of adults, it is easy to diagnose because the symptoms can be well described and understood, but in the case of children, it is difficult to diagnose unless closely observed. 

If double vision occurs suddenly or the cause cannot be found, CT or MRI scans may be performed to check for eye problems and brain abnormalities. 

If the above symptoms appear, it is recommended to visit the hospital as soon as possible and proceed with treatment with an accurate diagnosis.


Treatment of double vision

Treatment for double vision depends on the cause.

- Diplopia caused by muscle abnormalities is corrected through surgery.
- Double vision caused by astigmatism is corrected using special contact lenses or glasses.
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- Diplopia caused by cataracts or pterygium can also be treated with surgery.
- Children with strabismus may be given glasses or prism therapy to train them to align their eyes correctly. If symptoms are severe, strabismus correction surgery may be necessary.
- Diplopia caused by a neuromuscular disorder, such as myasthenia gravis, improves when the underlying disorder is treated.
- Neuroparalytic diplopia caused by diabetes goes away over several months if diabetes is well controlled.
- Diplopia caused by strabismus improves when the strabismus is treated.
If you have double vision, you must seek medical attention. This is because it may be due to a serious cause, such as an aneurysm.



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